Dancers will be required to meet up for rehearsal several times before the music video shoot. Expenses of rehearsals will be paid for. You will require to learn choreography by a choreographer. We will film it so you can go away and practice. The music video will be shot in May. So we are looking to start rehearsals asap. You will be dealing directly with the artist and the choreographer so you can form a bond before the music video. We are also looking for bold styles, confident freestyles that have good availability in may. Song is a blend of dancehall/hip hop and is very upbeat. So looking for high energy. We have a director and stylist on board so we hope this video with the participation of reliable dedicated dancers will be a success. Please send an email with your application so we can send a preview of the song. This will make sure you will be able to dance to the song before attending and that you will be happy participating. Thankyou looking forward to hearing from you.

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