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House of Cards is looking to fill a speaking roll in an upcoming scene in season 5. Casting directors are looking for talent to work on scenes filming in Baltimore, Maryland.  The series will begin filming sometime this winter in preparation for the season premiere next summer.


House of Cards is about political genius Francis Underwood and his wife and partner-in-crime Claire  The show aims to portray the intensity of being a politician when making life altering decisions.  In season 1 we see Frank Underwood rise to power. In season 4 we see him fight to keep his power while he campaigns for the presidency.  Underwood is played by award winning actor, Kevin Spacey.


Casting directors need to fill two speaking roles:

Male actor ages 35 – 65: This character is a judge.  The scene will be about 5 minutes long, and you have about 15-20 lines.  As an actor, must recite your lines sternly and dramatically.

Female actress ages 22 – 30: This character is a politician.  She intimidates with her direct demeanor, calmness, and stunning good looks.

This is a great opportunity to act in an award winning show on the premier Netflix streaming service.    Apply as soon as possible so you can capitalize on this chance to be apart of something great!  The auditions are on November 1st 2016.  Filming for these scenes will take place in the second and third weeks in November.

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