The documentary is about an experiment and the effects of that. Must be very real, so the idea is to stay 1 week doing the experiment in a house far from the city and around of forest and filming everything. It is 1 week where we can’t go out from that house with park, and only one or two persons are going to buy all the neccesary food, drinks, etc.

The experiment: is about how much time, days, can different types of person be awake, all the time without sleep. The documentary starts with the concept of time and life. And the research is about the effects in the volunteers, in their body and minds. How the volunteers try to stay awake? What are they going to do for not sleep? How they feel through the days. It will be some personalized question, etc.

I need:
5 or 6 voluntaries for the experiment. I accept people from 20 to 45.

Also I need someone with a camera, and is welcome if want to film.

The concept of documentary is very real, no fiction, crude as reality!!

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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