Title: IDK (I Don't Know) 5-6 Min Teen Short Film

We are doing a short film about 3 teenage friends who all encounter their own individual problems.
The friends have their own individual scenes that emphasises there problems and shows it in more depth.
We have the climax at a house party where the problems are resolved.

We have already casted the 3 actors for the friends but we need 3 males to play the other actors that the friends encounter.

Hayley (Played by Kat Cotton) is a bookworm and her focus in life is constantly on her schoolwork. In one of the scenes she is approached by a boy called Jamie who invited Hayley to get coffee, she refuses because she doesn’t want any distractions. Jamie is at the party and Hayley finally lets loose and kisses Jamie. He is the first actor we are looking for.

Theo’s problem is he is questioning his sexuality. He comes into contact with a boy called Marcus who hits on him, Theo feels awkward and doesn’t know how to react. Marcus is also at the party later in the film and once Theo has accepted himself he decides to speak to Marcus again and they hit it off really well. That is the second actor we are looking for.

Mia is going through a break up after a long term relationship turns toxic. We need someone to play her boyfriend George. He is involved when Mia is reminiscing about the days they would go and sit on a bench and talk about anything and everything. We also see Mia rip up a photo of her and George once she decides it is best for it to come to an end.

If you are interested in any of the roles please apply here – we will be filming in April (2016) Thank you

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