About the Short Film “Love/Time”

The Indie short film project for which the casting directors are looking for male cast, “Love/Time” is a science fiction movie with a unique plot. The lead character, Christian, around whom the story revolves is cursed and in a peculiar manner. He knows when his relationships will end! Which is enough to destroy the peace of his small world completely, since who would ever want to know such a thing let alone believe it to be true? Bu in Christian’s case, it is very true and something he has to watch out for.

Having lived his life for a very long time knowing this fact, as in the expiry date of his relationships, whatever they may be; Christian plans to do something to get out of the curse- to do something so he could change the course of his love life.

What would happen when Christian would set his foot to cross the confines of the curse? Would he be able to have a healthy relationship without fretting over the fact that he not only knows that it would end but also when would it end?

The short science fiction film would open new dimensions as Christian makes discovery to change the regular itinerary of his bumpy love life.

First and foremost thing to be known is that there is a requirement of Male Actors only for this short indie film project “Love/Time”. Following are the role descriptions:

  1. For the role of Christian

The role of Christian is the lead role in the short film “Love/Time”.

  • For the role of Christian, a male actor is required
  • The ethnicity of the applicant has to be African American
  • The age of the applicant has to be in late 20’s

The character of Christian is that of a young man with a weird curse which he cannot avoid. Sometimes ignorance is bliss; sadly Christian does not have that kind of leverage. He just knows the wrong this that messes him up every time he embarks on the journey of love and romance. He has experienced grief and rage and all in between and from hopelessness he has traveled to the past of acceptance; still it is a tough job to do so. His heart does not allow love anymore for all that has happened in the past, but perhaps he might give himself another chance on the journey of love.

  1. For the role of Adrian

  • The role of Adrian is of a love flame of Christian
  • For the role of Adrian, a male actor would be required.
  • The actor has to be of the age of late 20’s

Currently, Adrian and Christian are in a relationship and have been like a normal one but from some time, something feels off to Adrian. There has been a weird transition and Adrian has sensed it though he hasn’t talked to Christian about it. He has decided to move on and is very clear in his mind about it, but has not communicated the thoughts with Christian, how and when will he do that?

  1. For the role of Durian

  • The role of Durian is also one of the major roles in the short film
  • For the role of Durian, a male actor would be required
  • An actor in his late 20’s is required for the role
  • He is a straightforward person with a sassy attitude

Durian has been in an intimate relationship with Christian and he feels that their relationship is nothing like what it was in the beginning. The growing distance tells him a story he doesn’t want to believe in; that of infidelity. But before he could confront him, he will search thoroughly for evidence proving it and will finally confront Christian about it.

  • The people applying for the auditions may check with the roles they want to perform and mention the same in their emails
  • Email your photos along with your full name, introduction, age, contact number and email address
  • The location of call is Baltimore, Maryland; kindly ensure your presence
  • The project would cast actors unpaid, but due credits would be given
  • Submit your emails on: whitworthtravis@gmail.com

Be a part of a novel idea, a science fiction movie which you’d later be proud of! Also, if any of your friends may be interested, forward the message and details. In case of any queries, contact the given email address.

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