Title: Fashion Design Intern
Date: 30 September 2016 | 10:46 pm

is looking for Fashion Design Intern

New York,
New York, United States

September 30, 2016

Norisol Ferrari is an American designer of Venezuelan and Colombian heritage, based in New York City. Her collection is designed to address the conscious, confident woman: a paradox of power and vulnerability with a hint of danger.

Her signature is shape, achieved through fine tailoring, couture construction, and exquisite fully functional details. She employs the world’s finest fabrics and exotic skins crafted by the industry’s most revered artisans.

This internship is studio based. If you are interested in experiencing the process of making fine garment, and learning the intricate constructions and techniques from hands on projects, this would be an ideal place for you.


– Current student or recent graduate of design program
– Strong knowledge of garment construction
– Must have high attention for details
– Must be a team player
– Must be well organized
– Must be self motivated


Responsibilities are including but not limited to:
– Researching
– Updating sample development sheets

– Cutting the first muslin prototypes
– Organizing fabrics and trims library, boards
– Maintaining the organization of the atelier
– Preparing and following up development packages
– Work with atelier and local factories on sample development
– Simple patterning and making muslin samples
– Errands


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