Title: LA Fashion Showcase seeks New York Fashion Week
Date: 21 August 2017 1:03 am

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is looking for New York Fashion Week

New York,
New York, United States

August 20, 2017

Los Angeles & New York Fashion Showcase, is an LA & NY based Production Event Management & Public Relation firm. We symbolize what today’s design industries are missing. Specializing in showcasing the production of the event industries. Always balancing the core culture of National, International,Technology and Interiors Design.

Our team includes:
Show producers & creative director
1 Front of house coordinator
Front of house team
1 Back of house coordinator
Back of house team
1 Model/talent coordinator
1 VIP guest coordinator
1 Makeup director
A full makeup team – sponsored.
1 Hair director
A full hair team – sponsored.
1 Photography director
1 Videographer
Press Check In – staff
Security Team
1 Sound Engineer/DJ
Volunteers: Seating Ushers, Beauty Assistance, Styling Assistance/Dressers. (If needed.)


Please send resume


Getting to the fashion venue.


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