Title: N.Hoolywood seeks Fashion Show Dressers
Date: 5 January 2017 | 11:22 am

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is looking for Fashion Show Dressers

New York,
New York, United States

January 05, 2017

Founded in 2000 by former vintage buyer Daisuke Obana. N.Hoolywood utilizes vintage inspirations from military, workwear, and sportswear sources with high quality Japanese manufacturing for his creations. The brand garnered further international attention after its exhibition during Paris fashion week in 2007 and continual showing in New York since its 2011 Spring/Summer collection.


Some dressing experience would be great but not necessary.


Organization is the key to doing this job. You’ll be juggling multiple tasks during the show and things can get crazy backstage. When there are several outfit changes, the dresser must keep track of inventory and ensure that the looks go out in the proper order.


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