Title: Rachel Brown jewelry seeks Website Designer/Developer
Date: 29 March 2017 2:37 pm

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is looking for Website Designer/Developer

new york,
New York, United States

March 29, 2017

Rachel Brown Jewelry is looking for an intern who will assist in the redeveloping of and marketing of a new website with a powerful SEO platform. Must have experience with Shopify and understand the marketing aspect behind the Shopify platform and website design. How do I get my website to appear at the top of search engines? How can I increase sales as well as increase the amount of views my website gets daily? How can you help me create an e-commerce site that’s exciting and seen by millions of people throughout the world? What ideas and skills do you have to promote my spiritual jewelry business to take my collections out of the stores and bring them to the masses online?


Intern should have excellent computer research skills, excellent communication skills as sales skills and abilities via phone and email

Must have amazing personality and sales skills, main responsibility is to get celebs stylists on the phone, and major buyers of major stores and boutiques, intern must be skilled on the phone and not take no for an answer, it’s all about marketing. 2.5 GPA or higher.


Update & promote Website.
Market website to the public.


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