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Musicals Tonight! – 2017 Spring Season



Musicals Tonight! Inc.           

Equity Seasonal Showcase – $680 stipend

VT: Theatre Row Theatre – 410 West 42nd


Producer: Mel Miller

Music Director: James Stenborg

Music Director: Christopher Stephens

Resident Casting Director: Holly Buczek, HDB Casting


Auditions: January 8th, 9th & 10th, by appointment

Submit headshot/resume via e-mail to be considered for an appointment.


Rehearsal Schedule: Two weeks prior to performances. Schedule TBD on a per show basis.

Performances: Each production runs two weeks – There are 8 shows per week for two consecutive weeks – Evenings at 7:30 (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat) and Matinees at 2:00 (Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun).


 Seeking performers for the following THREE shows:


Louisiana Purchase (1940)

Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin

Director:  Donald Brenner

Music Director:  James Stenborg


Rehearsals Begin:  Feb 13, 2017

Tuesday through Friday – 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM; Saturday and Sunday – 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Show Runs: February 28, 2017 – March 12, 2017

Auditions: January 10th, by appointment

Callbacks: January 24th, as needed



Set in New Orleans, the musical lightly satirises Louisiana Governor Huey Long and his control over Louisiana politics. An honest U.S. senator travels to Louisiana to investigate corruption in the Louisiana Purchase Company; the company’s lawyer attempts to divert him via the attentions of two beautiful women, but the senator maintains his integrity and ends up marrying one of them. Songs include:  Sex Marches On; You’re Lonely and I’m Lonely; Latins Know How; Outside of That I Love You; Fools Fall in Love





JIMMY TAYLOR: (Male, 30s) Baritone – smart, savvy man-about-town comedian – great physical comedy skills


SENATOR OLIVER P. LOGANBERRY: (Male, 50s-60s) Baritone –  bumbling, warmhearted Washington Republican


COLONIAL DAVIS D. DAVIS, SR.: (Male, 30s–50s) a devoted southerner, politically disreputable.


DAVIS D. DAVIS, JR.  (“JUNIOR”): (Male, 20s) The Colonial’s hapless son.


CAPTAIN WHITFIELD: (Male, 30s–50s) Comically inept local police captain.


DEAN JOSEPH T. MANNING: (Male, 30s-50s) – Comically corrupt Dean of local college.


LEE DAVIS: (Male, 20s) Tenor – Leading man and second son of Col. Davis; engaged to Emmy Lou.


MARINA VAN LINDEN: (Female, 20-30s) Soprano -recent immigrant from Vienna, pretty comedienne


MADAME YVONNE BORDELAISE: (Female, 40s-50s) Mezzo Soprano – owner of the café, beautiful, sexy, funny immigrant from France.


BEATRICE: (Female, 20s-40s) Mezzo with strong belt– sexy, lovable belter with a heart of gold, employee of café.


EMMY LOU: (Female, 20s) Soprano – ingénue, niece of Jimmy, engaged to Lee.


QUARTET: (2 Men , 2 Women – varying ages) – great 4 part harmony singers, will play multiple roles throughout.



Music & Lyrics: Cole Porter

Director:  Casey Colgan

Music Director:  Christopher Stephens

Rehearsals Begin: Monday February 27, 2017

Show Runs: March 14, 2017 – March 26, 2017

Auditions: January 9th, by appointment

Callbacks: January 23rd, as needed




Anything Goes is set aboard the ocean liner S. S. American, where nightclub singer/evangelist Reno Sweeney is en route from New York to England. Her pal Billy Crocker has stowed away to be near his love, Hope Harcourt, but the problem is Hope is engaged to the wealthy Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. Joining this love triangle on board the luxury liner are Public Enemy #13, Moonface Martin and his sidekick-in-crime Erma. With the help of some elaborate disguises, tap-dancing sailors and good old-fashioned blackmail, Reno and Martin join forces to help Billy in his quest to win Hope’s heart.




RENO SWEENEY: (Female –30s) Night club/Evangelist singer with OMG high Broadway belt, Sexy yet Comedic. Dance and tap preferred. Reno Has Cougar-like hots for Billy. BELT TO Eb


BILLY CROCKER: (Male – 20s-30s) Sexy/Charming leading man Bari-tenor. Comedy/Dance a must Tap dancing preferred. Best friends with Reno but is in love with Hope. HIGH G


HOPE HARCOURT: (Female – 20s) A classic beauty. Ingénue leading young lady. Soprano/Mix. This character has to have major acting depth to carry the shows storyline. Trained dancer. Debutant daughter of Evangeline. 


EVANGELINE HARCOURT: (Female – 40s-60s) Very Poised New York Socialite/Widow, who lost everything in the crash. Over Acting Drama Queen gold digger. MEZZO/good mover.


ELI WHITNEY: (Male – 50s-60s) A rich New York Stockbroker. (Billy’s Boss) Comedy a must, movement a plus. Wants his “last chance romance” with Evangeline.


MOONFACE MARTIN: (Male – 30s-60s) A Vaudeville Gangster. Clown-like Song and Dance man. Friends with Reno.  Erma is his sidekick.


ERMA LATOUR: (Female – 20s) Dumb as a fox, classic 1930’s bleach blond starlet gangster moll. Must be comfortable wearing next-2-nothing and OWN IT! Baby girl ping vocals. Comedy/Dance and Tap a must. (LEGS!) BELT TO C#


EVELYN OAKLEIGH: (Male – 30s-50s) Rich, High British Royalty with Strong vocals and Fearless NERDY movement. Intended to marry Hope but ends up with Reno. HIGH G.


CAPTAIN: (Male – 40s-50s) Comedic, good mover-singer. Must understand physical comedy. Broad Actor.


ANGELS: (Female – 20s) Sexy, Rockette look and dance talent level who sing well. All vocal types.


SAILORS: (Male – 20s-30s) Strong dancer/singers (tap a must) Physically fit. All vocal types.




Du Barry Was a Lady (1939)

Music & Lyrics: Cole Porter

Director:  Evan Pappas

Music Director:  James Stenborg

Rehearsals Begin: Monday March 13, 2017

Show Runs: March 28, 2017 – April 9, 2017

Auditons: January 8th, by appointment

Callbacks: January 22nd, as needed



Our hero, Louis, who works at a night club, wins the sweepstakes. He now pursues the star of the club’s floor show, Mary.  He tries to win her away from her fiancé by putting him away with knock-out drops, but mixes up the glasses and drinks the potion himself. Louis now dreams that he is Louis XIV and that his inamorata is Madame Du Barry, his mistress. His unsuccessful pursuit continues through the gardens and boudoirs of 18th century Versailles. When he awakens, Louis realizes that his pursuit of May is futile and settles for her friendship.  The show originally starred Bert Lahr, Ethel Merman and Betty Grable. Songs include – Friendship; Well, Did You Evah!; Give Him the Ooh-La-La; It Ain’t Etiquette; But in the Morning, No!; Katie Went to Haiti.





All the actors have a present (1939) and a past (late 18th Century France).


MAY DALY & MADAME DUBARRY: (Female, 30s)  A glamorous night club singer in time present (1939)  and an elegant member of a late 18th century French Court. Ethel Merman prototype (when she was only 31) Strong Belter


LOUIS & KING LOUIS XV: (Male, 30s-50s) A night club washroom attendant in time present and a King.  Bert Lahr prototype (he was 44 at the time).  A character man in love with May. Baritone


ALEX & A PEASENT: (Male, 30s-40s) A Broadway/Hollywood columnist. He’s handsome, in love with May AND himself, brother of Alice and unhappily married to Ann. Fancies himself irresistible to women.   Bari-tenor


ALICE & MADAME DE VERNAY: (Female, 25-35) She is in love with Harry Norton aka Captain of the Guard.  She is sexy and sophisticated – a strong singer/dancer belter/mix.  Originally Betty Grable who was only 23 at the time – this was the role that lead to her Hollywood career. Mezzo, Belter


HARRY NORTON & CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD: (Male, 25-35) He is handsome, sexy a strong singer/dancer ala Bill Calhoun from Kiss Me Kate. He and Alice have an act at the club and plan to marry though he seems less interested in the latter.  Bari-tenor


CHARLEY & THE DAUPHIN: (Male, 20s) Supposed to replace Louis the sweepstakes winner.  Not the brightest, somewhat of a hood – he suggests the knock-out drops. Not unlike a loveable Guys and Dolls character.


VI HENNESSY AND MADAME DE VILLARDELL: (Female, 25-40) Tough, wise-cracking cigarette girl . Belt/mix to Eb


BILL KELLY & DOCTEUR MICHEL: (Male, 35-50) Proprietor of Night Club, Bob Hoskins type. Character singer


JONES AND LE DUC DE CHOISEUL: (Male, 35-50) Great air of authority and commanding presence. Character singer


ENSEMBLE: (Male & Female, varying ages) Singer/dancers with great harmonizing skills. Will play multiple roles, including various members of Court. Varying vocal ranges.



February 13, 2017 – April 9, 2017


AEA and Non-Union


$680 Stipend

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