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Pride & Prejudice Auditions (Non-Union)


-“Pride & Prejudice” is a non-equity no-pay production.-

AUDITIONS: Monday, January 23 & Wednesday, January 25 7pm-9pm BY APPOINTMENT. Please Schedule yours at

PERFORMANCE DATES March 10, 11, 12. March 17, 18, 19. March 24, 25, 26.   CALLBACKS (IF NECESSARY): Thursday, January 26 at 8pm  

GREETING/READ-THRU Saturday, January 28, 1-5pm   FIRST REHEARSAL Sunday, January 29, 1-5pm   

GENERAL REHEARSAL TIMES (Scheduled around actor availability) Weeknights 8-10:30. Weekends 1-5.

All auditions, rehearsals, and performances will take plac ein South Orange NJ or Maplewood NJ, within walking distance from the train stations. 

A NOTE FROM OUR DIRECTOR This is a fresh, fluid, somewhat physical adaptation of Jane Austen’s beloved novel. As a true ensemble piece, all cast will be expected to participate with simple scene shifts (moving a lightweight chair, placing props, pulling a curtain, etc.) and quick, clever representations of location. It is possible some performers will almost never leave the stage, in order to keep the seamless, cinematic pacing of the script. There is flexibility to doubling of some roles, so bring your versatility and willingness to play.  

CAST BREAKDOWN (Age range is perceived age, Actors of any age that can believably play this range may audition.)  

MR. BENNETT – 50s. Patriarch of the family. Understands the manners of the age, but has a great sense of humor. Loves his daughters and his wife.  

MRS. BENETT – 50s. Mother of five girls. She wants the best for all of them, despite their lack of dowry, and worries the rules of inheritance will leave them stranded.  

JANE BENNETT – 22. Eldest of the Bennet sisters. Mature, well-mannered, and sees only the best in everyone she meets.  

ELIZABETH BENNETT – 20. Second eldest. Well-read, outspoken, sees life with more skepticism than her older sister.  

MARY BENNETT – 19. Middle sister. Always reading. Always.   KITTY BENNETT – 17. Wants to be seen as an individual, but is always shadowed by her younger sister.  

LYDIA BENNETT – 16. Somewhat rebellious and opinionated. She wants to grow up much faster than expected.  

MR. BINGLEY – 25. Wealthy young man. Responsible, mature, somewhat conservative. New neighbor to the Bennetts.  

MR. DARCY – 28. Wealthy, clever houseguest of BIngley. A bit aloof and opinionated, particularly about class and family status.  

CAROLINE BINGLEY – 22. Spoiled, scheming younger sister of Mr. Bingley.  

MR. WICKHAM – 28. Soldier. Feels betrayed by Darcy. Courts two of the Bennett sisters.  

REV. COLLINS & OTHERS – 25. Distant cousin of Mr. Bennett, and presumed male heir to the Bennett estate.  

LADY CATHERINE DE BOURGH & OTHERS – 50s. A widow. Mr. Darcy’s imperious, meddling Aunt.  

ADDITIONAL SERVANTS, MAIDS, BALL ATTENDEES – Various. Will also double as other acquaintances & relatives.

-“Pride & Prejudice” is a non-equity no-pay production.-


January 23, 2017 – March 26, 2017

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