Title: Kids Obsessed With Real Estate

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Kids Obsessed With Real Estate

Is your child a real-estate genius on the verge of becoming a real estate tycoon? Do live in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City area? Does your child spend his nights and weekends looking at properties as potential investments? Can your child look at a property and immediately know whether or not it’s a good investment? Can they tell what work needs to be done in order to flip it? If so, Nancy Glass Productions wants to hear from you! We are looking for child real-estate prodigies from ages 8-15. They need to speak the lingo and know the business inside out. They need to know what goes into flipping a house from the financing to the contracting to the listing and selling.

Please submit a bio about your child, your location, as well as any recent photos of your child and your family. Please also submit any information relating to the properties your child has been involved in flipping.




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