Company: i KADA Contemporary Dance Company
Location: New York, NY

i KADA Contemporary Dance Company is holding KoDaFe in NYC 2017 International Dance Festival at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center on June 20th and 21st, 2017 at 7:30pm.

Application deadline is Saturday April 8th, 2017!!!!!

About KoDaFe in NYC..

KoDaFe in NYC brings various types dance companies together to share the same stage which contributes to our cultural exchange mission and program. As part of our cultural exchange program, i KADA would like to connect and have a relationship with as many dance companies and artists as possible . Through the festival, we forge strong bonds for the future. 

i KADA Contemporary Dance Company is working on cultural exchange through the arts. In the future we are planning on inviting artists and companies from Korea to perform in the US as well as inviting companies/ performers from the US to perform in Korea as part of our cultural exchange program. 

The theme of this year’s festival is “Creating a Peaceful Place”. Through this theme we hope to share tranquility, hope and unity. With the spirit of cultural exchange and togetherness, we are seeking to work with as many artists from different backgrounds and fuse the world of dance with music, painting, photography and cinematography.

We are accepting applications from all dance genres i.e Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Ballet, Modern, Contemporary and Traditional dance, we are looking forward to sharing the stage with a great range of dance performers!

Please visit our website to download application form for KoDaFe in NYC 2017!! (There is a $20 application fee) :


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