Title: Lead Actors and Extra wanted for music video on 6th-8th May

Music Video for As A Rival, Melbourne Hard Rock/Punk band to promote their debut album “By Design”.

Premise of the music video is about man in his 50-60 still living the youthful life. Plays video games, lives in a share house and parties with his mates. He then jumps on the stage with his band and all of a sudden he is young again.

Shooting on the 6th-8th May in inner north-west Melbourne. Extra’s only needed for 7th May shoot.


Pete is man of his 50’s, on the outside. Grey haired, slightly wrinkled and receded hairlines. But that doesn’t stop him living the life he loves. His cool, young girlfriends adores him and his circle of mates worship him. Nobody parties harder than Pete. With every aspect of his life, he is unreliable and unfocused. It’s only when he gets on stage to play with his band does he truly take anything serious in life. He is calm focused and professional. Music is his absolute passion. And when he ju

Males, aged 45 to 60 from Victoria, Australia

  • Acting experience:
    Previous unpaid speaking roles – Previous paid speaking roles
  • Attended drama school:

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Jessica is a 20-something woman. She parties hard and loves her life. She is currently in a relationship with Pete who is about 30 years her senior. She doesn’t care, though. Jessica can seem shallow at times but she is smart, sassy and rebellious in nature. She understand the important things in life and letting people live their own lives is her mantra.

Females, aged 20 to 35 from Victoria, Australia

  • Minimum Acting experience:

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Mark is a 20-something single man. Tradie by day and musician by night, Mark enjoys a drink or two at his local. Mark is all about no commitment, with both relationships and jobs. He is cruising along in life, and that’s just the way he likes it. Mark idolises Pete’s forever young mantra.

Males, aged 20 to 35 from Victoria, Australia

  • Minimum Acting experience:

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