The information below is the standard letter I’m sending respondents to our ads.

Please read through it as it describes exactly what we’re looking for and what we are NOT looking for!

We do three different shows – the most popular one is “The Fabulous Sounds of the Sixties Show”. It’s a 12 person show plus production. It plays venues such as Kedron-Wavell Services Club & Twin Towns Services Club plus corporate bookings.

It’s won the award for Best Production Show at the last three Entertainer Of The Year Awards for Clubs in South Qld.

The show is proudly supported by 4BH-882.

The same group do an alternate show comprising mainly of ’50s, ’60s, ’70s material plus some originals, called “Darren J Ray & the Love Bugs”. We have some contemporary material in that show too. Many of the Fab Sixties Show songs are also in this act. (To be honest, this show seldom works and we are promoting the Fab Sixties Show in preference.)

The nucleus of this act is my own four-piece band which performs independently of the show as well. We had a residency at Treasury Casino for five years (before the Live Wire Bar became a sports bar).

The lead player is an integral member of all shows.

The position is only suitable for someone who is ambitious and wants to progress with us.

We are looking for an excellent player who can replicate the sounds and styles on the original records and who can definitely sing.

We are looking for George Harrison, not Steve Vai!

Image is also a crucial part of the Sixties Show. A well-presented, educated guy under 30 is preferred.

The image of that show is young people doing music from 40 years ago (the average age of the group is 23). You must have hair!

We all look like we just stepped out of 1965 so the position will not suit someone with earrings, piercings, shaved head or tattoos!

We would look at an older guy if he was fit and well-preserved (eg, must have own hair and teeth!)

But this show will not suit someone who is too involved with a day job or family commitments.

If still interested, please forward us a recent photo of yourself and, if you have it, a demo of your work.

We treat it as a business. Hence we have an alcohol-free, drug-free policy in the show.

We don’t date the girls in the show.

We are a happy group of mainly young performers. Egos are left at the door upon arriving. Attitudes don’t make it to the door.

We currently perform about twice a week, alternating between two lead players who unfortunately cannot commit full-time (ie, every weekend) to the show. We are looking for someone who we can add to the pool of players or, ideally, can commit.

We are looking at recording when we have a committed lead player and taking this group as far as it can go.

We recently featured on the TV show, ‘The X Factor’!

Money averages $200 for most shows. Money is paid promptly into respective bank accounts usually the week following the weekend’s performances.

The show has been going since 2002. I do it full-time.

An audition would involve learning six audition songs.

I can send you them as MP3s if requested.

Please let us know if the position interests you and we’ll get an audition happening asap.

There is also opportunity for plenty of duo, trio and quartet work.

Experience is not necessary but a good attitude, talent, love for this style of music and the desire to be part of a successful team is.


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