Age: 20 – 28


This isn’t about learning lines, this is about great character and personality.
Your own personality and your own character.

You will need to be able to talk and engage people in conversation. That means you’re a great listener too and you can make those around you feel comfortable and want to share stories with you. You too are a natural storyteller, and telling great stories means you have a knack for collecting and creating them through life’s adventures. With that said, you must have a natural love of adventure, the outdoors and meeting new people. You are the kind of person who can spark up a conversation with a stranger, be it at the bus stop, in an inner city cafe, or a pub in a country town.

You love good quality food and get excited about wandering farmers markets filling your basket with goodies.

You are fun. You definitely have a big dose of quirkiness about you. Maybe you are an up and coming comedian, maybe you love improv, or are a presenter – no matter what, you sound awesome; we’d love to meet you.

Oh one last thing, you can confidently ride a motor scooter can’t you?

Lead Male

You need to be confident, with a great sense of adventure. Ideally, you need to confidently be able to ride a motor scooter. Experience in comedy, presenting or improv is a huge bonus.

Males, aged 20 to 28 from New South Wales, Australia

  • Minimum Acting experience:
  • Languages:

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