LEAD and SUPPORTING roles required for short film being shot in Sydney late April 2016.

Production title: My Nicki. Production Type: Independent .

Length: 17 minutes. Feature format: Widescreen HD Digital.

Production Company: Incandescent Productions.

Director/Screenwriter: Guillermo Martin Sepulveda.

Shooting Location: Various Sydney exterior / interior locations.

Compensation: Negotiated rates.

Auditions held in Sydney (Leads, Minor-roles, Extras). Audition dates to be announced.

Principal photography Starts: Late April, 2016 (4 days).

Short Synopsis: Recently split couple ROXI and DOUGIE have amicably divvied up all their belongings except for their most prized possessions – their friends. But who gets to keep the enigmatic and miraculous NICKI?

Synopsis: Unable to keep their once loving relationship together, ROXI and DOUGIE amicably split up their belongings. They’re about to part ways when they realise that they haven’t divvied up their most precious possessions – their friends. Roxi and Dougie rattle through their list of friends, trading some, outright demanding the ‘ownership’ of others and flatly designating a few to the dustbin of history – the orphaned friends list. All is sorted until they remember NICKI. She’s everyone’s favourite. They met Nicki at the same time and she played an important cupid role for them. Both Roxi and Dougie demand to have Nicki, confronting her, hoping to come out on top and ‘own’ her. Nicki however is her own person, knows a game is being played out and sees the good in all. In a twist of fate, Nicki might just be the one to bring Roxi and Dougie back together.

Director/Screenwriter GUILLERMO MARTIN SEPULVEDA is a movie Directing Graduate from The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) the internationally prestigious and wellspring of cinematic talent. He is also a graduate with a Sound and Television Major from Charles Sturt University. He has been nominated in many film festivals and has won numerous film awards. His works have been broadcast on free to air and subscription television and released theatrically. Guillermo has presented at speaking engagements on film culture in Australia and the Pacific Islands. He has worked professionally now for 20 years in the movie and television industry. Guillermo is also a published author, columnist and a former staff member of Amnesty International Australia and UNICEF.
Guillermo’s last short film FRANK CALLS (2015) was invited to screen in many international film festivals including the Lovecraft NYC, The L.A. Cine Fest, the L.A. 4th Noche de Los Cortos film festival and the Global Revolution Festival in NY. It was nominated for numerous awards. Winner San Francisco Film Awards 2015.


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