Title: LGBT Actress Needed for Short film Raleigh, NC
Date: 9 April 2017 8:02 pm

LGBT Actress Needed for Short film

Looking for Actresses for LGBT Short film we’re starting.

It will be shot in Raleigh, NC.

Ages are in 40s.

Please keep in mind this is Lesbian film.

We are not looking for men for the main characters. This is a short.

The film will take place in Raleigh, NC.

I plan to start this month. The auditions will be very soon as we get people in to audition.

The short outline of the story is two women coming to an end of their lives.

The both of them try to enjoy the time they have left.

More will be explained with further talk.

Here is the character we’re looking for. We already have the other.

Undecided on life and keeps to herself. (Non-Socialist)



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