This is a non-budget short film based in Sydney. The story involves two characters and happens in just two locations so nothing difficult for production. As we have no budget at all we are looking for artists who make movies to entertain the audience and themselves not for any income.

We are in need of some one who would take care of light setting on the set, as it is very important for the visual quality of the film.

Shooting is planned for the mid March but will be discussed and confirmed according to crews’ availability.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Lighting technician/Gaffer

Lighting technician/Gaffer with experience or someone who has finished film school and looking for experience. Film will be submitted in festivals internationally. Shooting is planned for mid March but it’s a subject to be further discussed.

Preferably with own equipment.

Film is going to be shot in two locations, one is a interrogation room, other is a remote exterior.

Anyone from Australia

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