Title: looking for 4 women to participate in a “Collective Performance” Birmingham, AL
Date: 7 March 2017 | 4:53 pm


Art Perfromance 4 women needed

“Collective Performance”

looking for 4 women to participate in a “Collective Performance” entailing each woman to read about 10 minutes in a lecture type performance at the Birmingham Museum of Art on May10 at 6pm.

I’ll be working via Skype with the women to find a common ground in the text where they feel an affinity and are able to tell the story via their voices.

The text encompasses memories of war and how they have translated into paintings. I’m open to anyone who is interested in performing and collaborating with me.

Diversity is celebrated. The age group is open.


The museum will generously offer a $100 stipend for each participant.

I will need to Skype with the performers before to hear them read the script and we’ll conduct one rehearsal the day of.


Hayv Kahraman



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