I am putting together a short film, Digital Media Only.it may lead to features.its a new project.if you have the skills and expertise in your field, please apply.it also may lead to long term benefits and hopefully recognized in The Australian film industry and abroad. I am hoping to form a production company to be able get established as well further your career, if you are keen and committed apply now. At this point of time I am looking for interested party’s. There is no schedule dates or shoot dates yet until a film crew is established and finalised, I will inform those who I think is best for the job after i read all applications.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

I play two Roles in the film.

I play a police officer and at the end of the film, a man walking into a shop meeting a woman who both sat down meeting for the first time.its a romantic short violent film.about corruption, greed and anti-social behaviour,where the young woman who is vulnerable falls for a guy at a nightclub and finds her True love through unusual circumstances.
On a later date when I finally establish a film production team ,I will audition Actors

Anyone from Victoria, Australia

Apply now


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