The project is a 10-minute short fiction film to be shot in digital cinema with professional equipment. The deadline of the project submission is Oct 18th and I’m looking for someone to join the project ASAP. If the project gets selected we will be working on the pre-production, Principal Photography and post-production of the project. You will be credited as the PRODUCER of the short film along with me, and during the production dates, you WILL BE PAID by the National Living Wage.
The characters portrayed in the story are a family of Indian immigrants living in the UK, and accordingly, any prior experiences or history with respect to Indian culture will be more than welcome, though not necessary.

– Getting familiar with the guidelines of the Calling plus, and reading the script and director’s presentation! (I will be providing them)
– Making the budget for the film: a 4 day shoot in 4 different locations with 3 main actors; estimated budget between 12,000 to 14,000 pounds. The budget needs to include all single line items of a proper film production from pre-prod to post-prod. Additionally, a rental estimate of a green-screen studio and the viability estimation of a filmmaking permit from a landmark building in London needs to be undertaken.

PRODUCER SECOND TO-DE DONE LIST (these items are not formal requirements)
– Pre-Crew line up: a list of candidates for the major roles such as AD, DOF, SOUND or PD.
– Locations Pre-Check: green screen studio, a small apartment/house, a remarkable building in London, a busy street.
– A possible cast.

The advanced state of Grandma´s Alzheimer disease and their struggling financial situation, forces her family to request a new legal service from the NHS, to relieve them from their obligations towards her. It is a dark drama about the lack of resources for the low-income families with disabled family members and how this situation affects their lives. The film explores themes usually present in Frank Kafka’s literature.

My name is Joaquin, a London-based producer/director. I have recently relocated from Hollywood, Los Angeles, where I produced, shot and edited my latest short film- Outlawed Vineyards.
My experience encompasses working in a variety of fields related to Film, TV, Internet Media and Entertainment. I have been involved in the development and production of several cultural programs (literature reads, Carnival shows and live theatre performances), short films (just in Hollywood I participated in more than 60 professional short films covering different crew positions and working with people from all over the world for shoots in different languages), commercials, a feature film, a TV talk show that I produced and presented as well as producing news for a TV Station.
As I writer I have published a novel –which received a prestigious National prize in Spain- and short tales in popular anthologies distributed both in Spain and South America countries. Spanish National Association of Writers NOCTE membership. Some stories from my fellow authors have already been adapted for the screen, example: “Extinction” (Miguel Angel Vivas, 2015) starring Matthew Fox and Jeffrey Donovan.

Please send your CV + Cover Letter referring clearly to your industry background in the PRODUCING field. Show reels or links to short films already produced will be very helpful. If your projects have been developed in film school please refer so as well. And please make sure to include why you’re interested in this project and what you could bring to the table. Thank you. BEFORE APPLYING, CONSIDER THIS: Please allow me to remind you than the submission date for the project will be taking place next October 18th so your jump to the project needs to be immediate and you need to be ready to work on the referred to-do lists written above. Thank you.


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