We are looking for a talented, comedic editor to join our Funny Fukaz team.
We need someone with experience, an eye for comedy, loves comedy, has their own editing software and also jack of all trades. We want someone to join our team and help us accomplish our dream and vision.

We have structured a monetary strategy on how to get some money for our project and will have this all in the contract..

Bit about ‘Funny Fukaz’. We are comedians, writers, actors who love comedy! We enjoy writing for comedy and love entertaining and making people laugh! So we decided to make a web series/hub of comedy. We have already filmed scenes and currently writing for the next round of filming! We are very professional, passionate and have over 10 years experience in professional movie making. No amateur

We are very open and want someone who has a passion for the film industry and especially towards comedy!!

Please add links of your work.. Thank you

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Comedic Editor

Passionate, funny, open, professional, loves working with a team, have their own equipment, loves having a laugh, wants to get their teeth into something, wants to network, wants to make some quality work..

Anyone from New South Wales, Australia

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