We’re looking for an actors/actress of any origin who has previous acting experience to play a police officer role in a feature film with our co stars.

There will be three scene in two different location and time. please make sure when you apply for the part to chose which day and time will be better for you.

scene 1- 21 April 2016 3:pm at deer park
scene 2- 21 April 2016 6:30pm at deer park
scene 3-22 April 2016 10:15 Am at Yarra river Footscray

for both location estimated filming time will be three hour the max.

We are looking for someone to share a great onscreen chemistry with our co-stars. Your performance as a police officer will stand out in this particular dramatic scene.

The film will be submitted to film festivals.

You’ll definitely get a copy of your scene within a two month time for your show-reel.


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