Title: Looking for Band to Record One song for Free

Hello, my name is Antonio, I am currently studying at SAE Institute in the Audio Production/ Sound Engineering Course, and this trimester, I need a band to record 1 song, and since I will be using the University’s facilities and equipment, it will completely free.
All of the live rooms at the studios have acoustic treatment and all the equipment is at a professional level, the two mixing desks in which I will be allowed to record are the SSL AWS900 or Neve Custom75.
One of the big advantages of these studios is that they work 24/7, so there are more possibilities of working around work or school schedules.

Since this is a Uni project I will be evaluated in several things and at several stages:

– Session Planning (In which I will have to plan the recording sessions, what equipment is used and why, expect a lot of questions at this stage)

This project will have to mimic a professional scenario, where I will have to be as professional as I can, and get the best sounding outcome out of what is recorded, therefore I will also need committed musicians who arrive on time, are well rehearsed, and know their parts in the song.
I also ask you to understand that I am still a student and I might make some mistakes, however I will always do everything at the best of my abilities.

The band/song can be of any genre, however it has the specific requirement that it must contain vocals.

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