Title: Looking For Couples/People For New Prime Time Property Show

We are looking for fun couples who have something to say about the way they live, the stuff they accumulate (gadgets, clothes, dirt in dark places) and what their home means to them for a brand new prime time Property show.

The main focus of the show is about Decluttering (born out of the Marie Kondo Phenomenon). Now that house prices have escalated and square footage is at an all-time premium most of us have no choice but to live with the space we have and make it work the best it possibly can for us.

As part of the show, we are looking for fun families/couples/friends who are willing to offer up to an hour of their time to shed some light on life at home.
Do you use your house to its full potential? How much stuff at home do you actually use? Where do you store your belongings? Who does the most around the house? Who’s responsible for the mounds of clutter? How long does it take you to get out of the door in the morning? Could you live better with less?

Filming will take up to an hour of your time on Friday April 1st or Saturday April 2nd and your travel expenses will be paid for.

The owner of this listing has agreed to abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act. Find out more


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