This is the rise of a new project, whose goal is to connect singers who are looking for songs with songwriters who are looking for voices.

In this first stage of the project, we are building up a team of international songwriters, lyricsts, producers and composers, who will, in the second stage, collaborate to create music for the singers selected by the project (which, in turn, will be chosen by the songwriters themselves).

It is not a commercial project, in the sense that the organization will act as a collective, and not as a business. The final goal is for each member to be able to find great musicians to collaborate with, create amazing music and hopefully take their work to the next level. The vision is to create a team where every member will be able to help each other and, through the synergy, achieve greater results than we would be able to by ourselves.

If you might be interested and/or want to know more about the project, please feel free to send a mensage, so we can talk about it.


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