Title: Looking For Unmarried Couples Who Are Ready To Say “I Do!”

Most Ready Casting Call

Married Couples: Do you know an unmarried couple that you believe is READY to say “I Do”? Are they READY enough to compete against other unmarried couples for a chance to win cash prizes, wedding expenses or even a honeymoon? Nominate them, and if they win they might even win prizes for YOU!

We are looking for fun, enthusiastic couples to go toe-to-toe with other deserving couples in a series of exciting, physical and mental challenges to prove who is the MOST READY to get married. We are looking for BIG personalities with a COMPETITIVE edge!

To apply: Create a video that includes the following:

1. You and your spouse explaining why you believe this couple is ready to get married. (At the start please tell us your names, what city and state you live in and your ages.)
2. The nominated couple explaining why they believe they are ready to get married. (At the start please have them tell us their names, what city and state they live in and their ages.)
3. Fun footage of the nominated couple actually DEMONSTRATING to us at least one of the following:
a. Sacrifice: What they are willing to endure or sacrifice for their significant other. It can be a physical feat that is scary, interesting or even gross. Just give us something that proves their love.
b. Teamwork: Creatively show how well they work together as a team – i.e, juggling, tandem biking, synchronized swimming, etc.
c. Trust: Show how much they depend on each other, for example playing the Trust Game, or letting their potential spouse lead them while blindfolded.

They are free to show us an example of all the above.

When its done, please upload the video to Youtube (or another platform) and send us a private link (do not make it public) upon application.

Submissions will be accepted until 12am EST (Midnight) Friday, April 29, 2016.

IMPORTANT: If you are selected to go on to the next phase in casting, someone from our casting crew will contact you. Please do not follow-up with us.

City or location of call: Video Casting Call

Married Couples

Exciting, animated, personable fun, people who love each other and are competitive WHO KNOW ANOTHER exciting, animated, personable, fun, ENGAGED couple who love each other, are competitive and READY to get MARRIED!!!

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from California, United States

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