We at Underground Mountain film’s are producing an independent, arthouse- road trip, feature film slated to go to camera in early 2017. Our aim is to send the finished product to various international film festivals, as well as acquire international distribution, both in a theatrical run and online. The film deal’s with boundary breaking material and showcases some of New Zealand’s finest natural wonders. As it is currently being submitted for funding through various institutions, we have decided to create a stand alone/proof of concept short film, adapted from the fill script. The short will be submitted to investors, used online for promotional reasons and submitted to various short film festival’s in the “Out of Competition,” category. Pending schedules, we would like to arrange a 3 day shoot overt the next few weeks.

Specifically for the short film shoot we are looking for the following crew:
Still’s Photographer

As the shoot will be around the greater Auckland area, crew members will need to be mobile, preferably with their own car. We will be providing crafty, a small sum towards gas/travel expenses, credit, and ideally bringing our crew back for the feature shoot in early 2017.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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