In July/August I will be staging a production of ‘Lord of the Flies’ with Harbour Theatre.
Our usual lighting guy is away for the lead up to this season, & I need someone equally awesome for the job!!
Hoping to have a production meeting in March, with all crew members, & will need to be rigging end of June/early July.
This is to be a dynamic production, with quite a bit of special lighting.
Season dates are 29th July to 7th August 2016, including matinees’ on Sunday 31st July, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th August at 2:00pm, and a Charity Performance on Thursday 28th July.
I would prefer to engage someone who is available for rigging/design, & can operate the board for all performances.
*Rigging licence essential*

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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