Title: Luna Park Sydney are Looking for Roving Characters

We are currently seeking outgoing and talented performers to portray some of our Roving Street Theatre Characters during the next school holidays; 9th to 25th April. Some weekend shifts for training will be available prior to then also.

To successfully fulfill these roles, the following skills, attributes and experience are required:

Strong improvisational skills;
Ability to develop and perform larger-than-life characters;
Ability to communicate effectively to large groups of people;
Ability to perform basic dance routines;
Love interacting with children.

We are looking for committed, punctual entertainers who perform well as part of an ensemble. The roles are best suited to people who display an outgoing, cheerful and engaging personality.

Due to the physical aspect of the roles, you will need to be physically fit and injury free.

Casual hourly rate is $27.40 for Roving Atmosphere Characters.
Rehearsal/Training rate is $22.20 hr.

Audition requirements
The audition will involve some group activities and improvisations as well as a basic dance routine. Please also have a one minute character monologue prepared. We suggest you don’t pick a dramatic piece as we are looking to see your lighter performance style.

Audition Date – Tuesday 24th November
Applicants must apply beforehand to confirm an audition time.
Recall Date – To be confirmed

You will need to be available for 4 shifts per week from 9th April 2016 to 25th April 2016, including weekends.
Shifts are 9:45am- 6pm Sunday-Thursday
And 10:45am-7:30pm Friday & Saturday

Blip & Twerp
Our blissfully confused big boy brothers have the guests in stitches. They have hearts of gold but never quite manage to get things right.

Freckle & Speckle
Our fun loving twins were once ordinary dolls until they were adopted by Blip and Pavlova. Then they suddenly came to life. They are easily excitable, suddenly sad or cranky and always on the look out for new friends.

Pavlova & Meringue
Our outlandish socialite ladies LOVE Fashion! They are very popular with the paparazzi and have an eye for all things decadent.


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