“The Last Friend” is a short comedy drama about an elderly man named Martin.
Martin is on his death bed, he has been given a few days to live. This is made worse by the fact that he fears death, not the dying part but the form of Death itself. He is paranoid that his career/nurse is Death however when his time comes, a man in a suit appears and without knowing who it really is, Martin befriends him. Martin passes away in a peaceful manner after Death comforts him.

The character we are looking for is a man in his 60s/70s/80s who can portray a man who is paranoid, jumpy, unable to relax around the nurse yet can also change and become relaxed, friendly and open towards Death.

This story is a comedy yet holds serious tones, it is poignant at times but it is a feel-good film.
5,6,7 of March – Cricklewood, NW2
Expenses, Food will be provided, a copy of the final film

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