Title: Makeup Artist for Short Film Gold Coast


Group Therapy is a short dark comedy that examines the most prevalent mental illness, anxiety. The protagonist, James, not only suffers from anxiety but subsequently suffers from insomnia. His mental illness, along with his sleeping disorder are slowly destroying his relationship with his fiancé. In an attempt to salvage what is left of their relationship, James has reluctantly agreed to take part in a month long sleep study at a health retreat on a small island off the South East Coast of Australia. The aim of the study is to discover the relationship between mental illness and various sleeping disorders, in an attempt to treat both at the same time. We are only introduced to part of this backstory in the short film. The narrative begins on the first day of the study during the group introductions. Instantly the viewer is confronted with a disorientated and extremely nervous James, who’s only desire is to remove himself from the situation. He suffers through most of the session as he knows, not only is there no way off the island at this present time, but if he doesn’t try he could lose his fiancé.


We are aiming for a late June/early July shoot (over the school holidays). As there is only one location, it should only be a one day maybe day and a half shoot. At this stage the location will be at the Jacob’s Well Community Centre.


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