Hi there, my name’s David Nguyen. I’m an indie filmmaker in Melbourne looking for a professional and friendly makeup artist to work on my next (and fifth) short film, ‘Sleep to Dream’.

An emotional and mind-bending film set entirely in a bedroom, ‘Sleep to Dream’ tells the story of twenty-something Gemma who’s grieving the loss of her boyfriend, Neil. In a series of recurring dreams, Neil challenges Gemma to overcome her depression and move on with her life. But, unable to let go, Gemma resists.


The production is a 1-day shoot scheduled for Thursday, 25 February 2016 at a location in Brunswick West. The shooting schedule is set to be finalised but expect to be required from morning to early evening. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Please note that you will be allocated about 90 minutes to complete the makeup of both actors. Some basic hair styling is also required.


In the film’s recurring dream sequences, the makeup and hair for both characters is the natural look of people lounging around at home on a Sunday afternoon: imagine a couple who look like they’ve woken up and decided to stay in bed all day. In other words, they should look like they’re not wearing make up at all.

This ‘no makeup’ look also extends to the film’s ‘reality’ scenes where the lead character of Gemma is mourning the loss of her boyfriend Neil. However, given Gemma’s state of depression, she has to look a little more ragged and haggard than she usual.

A more detailed brief will be provided to the makeup artist in due course.


$150 for the day.


David Nguyen is a filmmaker and graphic designer from Melbourne. Having enjoyed a prolific design career working in London, New York and Melbourne, he added filmmaking as a creative sideline in 2012. He writes, directs, produces and edits all of his films. SLEEP TO DREAM will be his fifth production. Please see his website to watch his films and find out more.


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