We are shooting a music video around the weekend of the 12-13th of March and are in need of the male leading role.

The shoot will take place in Southend on Sea but you can be London based as well. Food, drinks, travel, accommodation will all be provided. This is sure to be not only a fun shoot but will have a very high production value so we can out do any rival entries. We will be shooting on the beach, in a Casino and underwater, so please make sure you are comfortable shooting underwater (important). Very small scenes in the sea but mostly in a controlled environment in a swimming pool.

We have Miss Essex as the co star, shooting RED and slow motion, some great props and professional people aboard. Ideally we would be looking for people who wouldn’t mind not being paid until the competition is over and we can use the prize money (£3000) to cover everyone. Obviously this is all a risk and In the (I think unlikely) situation we don’t win, the idea is to have some extremely nice showreel material instead, although I’m happy to discuss payment afterwards for your time and effort. I will also make sure you have access for all of your scenes to home with you to use for your showreel (original files) no matter what happens.

The first short film I directed won a £1000 and was screened at the BFI and since then I’ve had my short films screened at Cannes twice, for something I edited and for a short I filmed and edited. I’ve had 10 projects screened in London and in L.A and have been making these for years. I’m looking to have even more polished work and continue to build up great work for me and others.

it would be great to hear from you all, good luck and I look forward to working with you.

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