We are Brisbane based amateur film producers looking to get our start. We have started shooting on a project but need an additional actor to play a crucial role in order to finish the project. We run an organised set and run on a strict schedule. We are looking for actors that will work for experience and lunch. Unfortunately this role is unpaid.
The character we are auditioning for is JERRY. Please find below list of detail about the character, story and other important information.

These are the days and time required for JERRY. No additional days should be required and shooting will not run later than 4pm.
SAT – 01/04/2016 – 10am til 4pm
SUN – 02/04/2016 – 10am til 4pm
SAT – 08/04/2016 – 10am til 4pm
SUN – 09/04/2016 – 10am til 4pm
SAT – 15/04/2016 – 10am til 4pm
SUN – 16/04/2016 – 10am til 4pm

PETE breaks into to his ex-girlfriend’s BETH’s house only to find that she and her new boyfriend JERRY have moved in together. PETE goes on a spiteful rampage while JERRY tries to be the bigger man yet get PETE to leave.

Must Be Willing To:
*Semi expose self, there is a scene where the character removes a towel and is implied to be naked and exposed on screen but pants will be worn, nothing below the waist will be shown.
*Depict mild fictional violence. Small fight scene JERRY punches PETE.


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