Role: Supreme Chancellor – head of the government, who rules with fear and violence.
Costume: Smart looking suit – formal clothes.
Age: 30+
Unpaid opportunity but food and drink will be supplied during filming.
Location: Winchester (University of Winchester campus).
Shooting Dates: 29/2/2016 – 11/03/2016 (when you are available)

Film Description: In a futuristic setting, a new government, the British Workers Party, control England with fear and violence to keep society in place. However, a rebel group ‘Black Bird’ seek to defy the system and bring the country back to peace without the vicious control of the Supreme Chancellor – head of the BWP. Known to the government, they seek to unmask and locate the supposed rebel leader ‘The Raven’, through capturing an active rebel of ‘Black Bird’. They interrogate the young woman in hopes of finding The Raven.

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