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Project Description.
The project is a music video for the local Brisbane band Creekwood. The song itself conveys strong themes of loss, grief and losing someone no matter the lengths and efforts you go to. The narrative for the clip will follow a very similar structure. Location: Brisbane

Treatment for the clip
A man with a lifetime behind him stands in front of a mirror. Covered head to toe with tattoos and all they see in the mirror anymore is anger mistakes and regret. They look out the window at the city and see a reflection of themselves in what the city has become. They want to start anew, in their anger and haste they start to scrub at their skin, pull at their tattoos and finally trying to scrape them off with a razor blade. Their resistance is futile and the story moves into the streets below. The man walks through the streets of the city that so closely resembles his aged self. As he walks he sees people making the same mistakes he has done, tattoos, hookers and crack heads yelling at each other. People turn towards him and tries to invite him over. He tries to ignore them before he finally stops, ahead of him he sees a tree in the middle of the street, he looks left at the at the people on the street then right towards the trees, left again before finally he begins to walk towards the tree. As he does so he looks down at his hand, a raindrop lands and smudges his tattoo. He begins to pick up his pace and the heavens open up, rain begins to pore down, his tattoos and past begin to wash off him. He breaks into a sprint before stopping a metre from the tree and he looks up, he lifts his hands in the air and the rain stops.
We are looking for someone either with or without tattoos.
Age range: 30 – 60
Gender: Male
Hair: Any
Skin: Fair
Height: Any

Located in Brisbane city for JMC university students

Main character

Character is a past criminal looking to start anew, the song conveys a sense of loss and grief, character will look into the mirror at tattoos with grief before walking through a night time city street filled with homeless people and criminals, character finds a “tree of hope” before rain starts to pour and slowly wash away the tattoos and thus his past, tattoos will be added by an artist with a washable paint
Shooting will be April 1st in Brisbane city

Males, aged 30 to 40 from Australia

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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