Title: Male Caucasian stand in, Haitian Kids Atlanta, GA
Date: 9 March 2017 | 10:07 pm

Southern BG Casting

Looking for:

Male Caucasian stand in height 5’11 weight 160-180 ages 25-45 brunette for actor James Mackay. Please look him up before submitting.

Need like type.

Must have open availability between March 21- April 3rd. Rate 140/12

Subject: Steven

Haitian Kids ages 6-12 male and females. Work date April 3rd. rate 120/8 subject: Haitian Kids
Haitian Villagers ages 30 or older. Work date April 3rd rate 64/8 Subject: adult villagers
If you fit the above categories please e-mail cwtvpilotatl@gmail.com


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