Title: Male Detectives Required for a Modern Day Film Noir

We are looking for two males to play the roles of detectives in our short modern day film noir set on a council estate. John (detective one) is very work driven and his weakness is his girlfriend. His career was well on its way when he solved a murder case of an old woman. However, a woman comes forward 6 months later with an alibi for the man who John had put in prison, meaning the case had to be reopened.

Throughout the film we see a developing relationship with his girlfriend and we see him getting closer and closer to solving the case, but has a number of set backs on his way. John becomes increasingly involved in the case which means he pays less attention to his girlfriend which again causes him problems. As the film goes on we see that he is being manipulated and used by his femme fatale girlfriend.

Detective Steele (detective 2) Is a detective from another police department who helps John try to solve the case when they realise there has been similarities in other murder in another city. They come together and compare evidence to try and get closer to closing the case.

We find out at the end of the film they are both being played and manipulated by John’s girlfriend. She uses them both to cover up her tracks of the murders of two old women.

We are filming tomorrow (15th March) and Wednesday (16th March ) in Fallowfield and Manchester Metropolitan University. Our film is for a university project however, we plan on entering the film in competitions and putting the film online.

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