Two best friends are on a mission to find drugs for Stereo.

Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.
Thomas A. Edison

A team of diverse filmmakers who are looking to create something new, different and outside of the norm.

We came together because we all want to make things happen and have exciting stories to tell. We are sick of seeing the same old shit spewing out of Hollywood – we want to see something weird and different, and more importantly we want to see something Australian made.

Nico Nalbandian – Writer/Director/Director of Photography
Lauren Doughty – Producer
Mitch Bainton – Camera Operator
Izzy Hilton – Art Direction/Set Design
Alanna La Cioppa – Production Manager
Sam Ecob – Sound Recordist/Boom Operator
James Chick – Composer


Jeffbro – Jeffbro is the somewhat straight faced leader of the duo. He cares deeply about his appearance, his friends, his family, and most importantly Stereo, his all-time favourite festival. Whilst he does have an affinity for drugs, he is mostly concerned with making the most of his Stereo experience with his best buddy Kevin. Jeffbro works hard at the gym so that his muscles will be in check for all his #Stereo posts, and has worked even harder to ensure that his beloved Mother never finds out about his drug use habits. Out of the two best friends, Jeffbro is the hustler that works hard to ensure that they stay out of trouble and focused on Stereo.

Kevin – Kevin is the multilayered, somewhat deluded underdog of the pair. It is Kevin’s deep belief that if he continues to obsessively consume protein and drugs he will become the best version of himself. He secretly wishes that he could look as ripped as Jeffbro but no matter how many deadlifts he does, he continues to look as if he is #ShreddingforStereo. Kevin knows that he cares deeply about Stereo, bulking and dingaz, but he also doesn’t know much else.

Jeffbro’s Mother – The archetypal strong independent woman. Whilst her role is minor in the film, her presence is powerful. Having raised Jeffbro as a good Christian boy, she will not tolerate any disobediance or amorality.

Policeman – Imagine your worst possible nightmare embodied in a form of authority. This police officer knows how to twist the laws to severely punish those he deems too weak/stupid for society. He is more than happy to arrest those for crimes he participates himself, because he loves the power trip.

Lad – Lad loves to steal other people’s belongings and vandalise public transport for no reason whatsoever, just cause. He has 320 pairs of brand new stolen shoes and he has only worn 2 of them. His specialty is taunting little girls by stealing their toys, secretly hoping that there will be some cute toys in there because he misses the purity and innocence of his childhood.

Girl – This sweet little girl has a close relationship with her favourite cousin Jeffbro. She’s had a rough day, because a bully stole her backpack and her brand new pony!

We will be hosting a casting call in the Workroom on level 4 of Central Park, Chippendale (near Central Station). Please bring the script segment to read and any other materials you believe will assist your reading. Jeffbro and Kevin styled outfits are welcome.

Dates TBC.

We will be shooting the project over 3-4 Days spread out over April and May (Dates TBC) based mostly on location in Bankstown and surrounding areas. The film will be shot in multicam with a Sony A7S and Canon 5Dmkiii with L-series lenses and professional Sennheiser and Tascam sound recording gear.

If you are successful you will receive a HD copy of the film, in addition to an invitation to the screening. Any expenses incurred may be reimbursed subject to prior approval.


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