Set in 1995, an 8 year old girl receives a camera for Christmas, she takes this camera and over the course of a year unknowingly captures the gradual downfall of her parents’ marriage as her father becomes more aggressive, eventually leading to violence. While it starts of small and unnoticeable, controlling actions and arguments; it escalates to hitting and extreme bouts of violence such as falling down the stairs. We really want to put the audience in the shoes of a naive 8 year old girl caught in the middle of an abusive relationship.

Our main character is an 8 year old girl named Kayla, a short mixed race girl, with big bushy hair. She is a typical 8 year old, lively, energetic and bubbly. Kayla loves her parents but is especially a real daddy’s girl, at least at first.

Quincy, the father, is a working man along the lines of a mechanic or electrician. He is 27-30, mixed raced also, but lighter than his daughter and relatively tall. He adores his daughter and wants to keep her away from the darker side of her parent’s relationship. But his love for his daughter is the only decent thing about him as he is also short tempered, controlling and violent.

Faye, the mother is a beautiful, short, black woman aged between 27- 30. She is a stay at home mother who cares deeply for her daughter and constantly tries to fix things with Quincy for the sake of Kayla. She starts off relatively strong but slowly becomes more and more submissive as time goes on.

The film will be shot in a VHS home video style where the child would be holding the camera. Primarily shot internally in multiple home locations that could range from Cambridge to London (travel will be provided).
Because of its time period great lengths will be taken to make sure that clothing, props and locations are period appropriate. Though our budget is small we are aiming for a high production value.
We are hoping to shoot towards the end of March/ early April.
This is a student film and as such we really can’t afford to pay the actors however we will provide food and once finished we are hoping to send this around to film festivals which should provide some good exposure.

All of our crew have at least some experience in working on short films and other types of visual media. As this is our 2nd year at university, this film is very important to us all and as such we will be putting our all into its production to make sure we can create the best possible film.

Auditions can be filmed and sent to us.

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