Title: Mama Bear Casting in AIKEN SC Commercial shoot Casting Call Filming on MAY 4th in Aiken, SC
Date: 26 April 2017 4:17 pm

Mama Bear Casting in AIKEN SC

Commercial shoot Casting Call

Filming on MAY 4th in Aiken, SC

$125 flat rate for 8 hour day (call times TBD) (Google city before submitting, it’s between Augusta GA and Columbia
SC) prefer local hires


Refer to below Character Breakdown and submit with correct Subject line

**Audition Videos will be requested with a quick turnaround.

Sides will be sent upon submission

**Please submit for multiple roles if you fit multiple descriptions email to: mamabearcasting@gmail.com


*NAME PHONE#, CITY you live in or would be coming from *AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT

*ALL clothing sizes to include shoe size *Acting Resume

(this is for speaking roles, need to know you have some acting chops)

3 RECENT photos (1 shoulders up, 1 waist up, 1 full body) No sunglasses, no other people in the picture with you, no distracting background, just plain wall behind you.

Cell phone pics are fine (no large files)

**Floyd “the Barber” (Howard McNear)

Caucasian Male, 50+ age range, average height, small to average build, classic look, Facial hair very simple,small mustache, enough hair to “slick back, old fashioned style”

Subject line: Floyd

**Goober (George Lindsey)

Caucasian Male, late 30’s – 40’s, average height and build, clean shaven, classic but quirky look, able pull off that big ol’ friendly grin.

Subject line: Goober

**Andy (Andy Griffith)

Caucasian Male middle age, average height and build, classic hairstyle, nothing too trendy, clean shaven, easy going and friendly attitude and demeanor Subject Line: Andy

**Barney (Don Knotts)

Caucasian Male, Middle age, thin and smaller stature, clean shaven, classic look, expressive in both facial features and body language Subject line: Barney

**Opie (young Ron Howard)

Caucasian Boy 7-11 yrs old, simple look, non trendy hairstyle, mild-mannered, friendly demeanor Subject line: Opie

Project Description: Family friendly style commercial to look similar to a scene from that beloved show that took place in a town called Mayberry.

See photo attached for reference


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