Title: Marinella Hume Casting Atlanta *New Pilot Seeking Those with Medical Experience* Atlanta,
Date: 28 February 2017 | 10:39 pm

Marinella Hume Casting Atlanta

**New Pilot Seeking Those with Medical Experience**

Have you ever watched a show and thought, “Wow, that nurse in the background just completly broke her sterile field”? If so, then we need you!

MHC is currently seeking those who can accurately portray doctors & nurses to be background actors on a new television show.

We are also specifically seeking someone to act as a MEDICAL ADVISOR on set with experience in the Oncology field.

This person will be helping make sure treatment looks as realistic as possible. Referrals & recommendations are greatly welcomed!

Work Date TBD Between: March 16th-31st

Films in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

Please send email the following…

Phone Number
Email Address
Age (Must be over 18 for this role.)
All Clothing Sizes and Measurements
Current City (Distance to Conyers, GA)
***Resume or Relevant Medical Experience***
3 Photos (In focus, and color)
(Unedited Cell Phone Photos work Great!)
-Full body
Send emails to: mhc.episodic@gmail.com
Subject: Medical

Can’t Wait to Work With You!
Dashia Wathen


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