Title: Marinella Hume Casting Baltimore/DC Weather permitting call -very particular musicians, real and proficient: Stevensville MD
Date: 2018-02-01 18:55:18

Marinella Hume Casting Baltimore/DC

Weather permitting call -very particular musicians, real and proficient: NO current staff or established folks PLEASE

Hello No Minor children Please share with anyone who fits this description, MUST Be age 18-70 s

Seeking true musicians or orchestra members, to come work as a PAID EXTRAs ” TO PORTRAY MUSICIANS “on a Popular Political Drama”. The scene will take place during summertime, must handle and warm up tune up etc, so we need the real deal for this. We need black tie, summer cocktail, black simple summer dresses and upscale looks: (We will have a warming tent close by- until we need to shoot the scene.)

Suits and dresses:
Either Black or Dark Navy Blue
Send photos dressed in the wardrobe and any instruments you own

LOCATION: ***Stevensville MD** (just over the Bay Bridge)
pay attention please and look on a map**
DATE: February 8th
TIME: **TBD** could be Early Morning (weather permitting). *Will be a loooooong day, so please have no other commitments at all during this day.

Which of the following instruments are you Proficient at playing from below :

Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Stand Up Bass, Viola, Violin

( We Provide )- but I want real proficiency, not the people who did this in H.S. music class and haven’t done in 20 Years.

*We are not having you play, not hiring you to play! But for realism ,we need real musicians in order to handle “setting up of the band” such as : Opening cases, holding instruments Properly, Tuning up, setting up stands, and such.

Send the following information to specialtybg.mhc@gmail.com with

FB ORCHESTRA in the subject line:
Legal Name on ID:
Location (city/state):
Your distance from Stevensville:

SAG or Non-Union (please include photo of your paid up-to-date SAG card if applicable):

Age: MUST BE at least 18


Instruments Played (LIST ALL):

Own Black Cocktail Attire (YES/NO): remember summertime
What instruments from above:
Clothing Sizes (Neck/Sleeve/Waist/Inseam/Shoe):
Tattoos (if any, please list locations):
Make/Model/Year/Color of Vehicle (please attach photo):
( if we use your car as a prop more money!)


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