Title: Martial Artists required for Feature Film

I am looking for Wing Chun black belt actors to audition for my upcoming feature film about Wing Chun. However if you are not a Wing Chun practitioner but would like to audition for this project you can. You must be fit and willing to take Wing Chun private lessons at least twice per week. The lessons will be run by me, I am a Wing Chun instructor graduated under Grandmaster Samuel Kwok. Lessons are paid which will cover my fees and studio fees. This film will have a lot of fights scenes, you must be proficient in Wing Chun or willing to become proficient. The training will happen twice a week for 6 months or more if necessary. Please drop me a line if you would like to audition for this picture and is able to pay for the training. More information about the film will be sent to the right applicants.


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