I’m writer-producer of a sketch troupe called Shady Side Projects, operating out of Sydney’s Inner West.

We’re hoping you’re the kind of actress to push the envelope and have a bit of outrageous fun with this sketch we’re shooting in April.

The sketch is “Don’t Drop The Soap”; a boogeyman story about a prison inmate who haunts an everyday guy every time he drops a bar of soap – whether it’s in the comfort of his own home, at the supermarket, or over at Grandma’s house for Christmas… Grandma’s finally gets the better of the prison thug in a post-coital confrontation!

The role involves merely the head and shoulders sticking out from the bed sheet, and the smoking of a cigarette (herbal or actual cigarette, depending on preference).

“Don’t Drop The Soap” is one of Shady Side Project’s sketches for the internet.


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