A major Miami radio station is looking for talented DJ’s, musicians, singers, and others to perform 


Casting directors are looking for people to fill roles in a comedy web series that combines both scripted and sketch comedy scenes into a hilarious blend of laughter and fun.  The series follows the radio station in Miami and the peculiar methods they use during their shows.  This series will include talk show discussions, guests, and commercials.  Basically, this web series is showing the off air world what it is like to be on air during a popular radio show.


Dates: March 13th and April 3rd till TBD.

Location: Doral, Florida

Pay: Yes

Transportation provided


Females or Males ages 18 – 55: They must be willing to participate in comedy skits, supporting parts in scripted scenes, lead roles, and others depending on the sketch.

This is a great opportunity for your voice, face, and talent to be shown off to a major radio station.  This may your big chance to break into a tough industry to crack.  You will not only build a strong resume, but you will meet people that know the industry inside and out and are more than willing to help you. Apply if you think you have a radio-type personality and want to get involved in something special.

Video auditions are accepted from all over, so apply as soon as possible so that you don’t miss your chance.  In the radio/entertainment industry, it is very important to build connections along with your resume so that you have proof to back up your talent.  With this job, you will do both, and have a chance to make a lasting impact for your career.



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