Title: Middle-Eastern looking female needed for a music video.

We are looking for a middle-eastern looking female model/actress for a music video.

This is a 5 minute narrative based piece, therefore, acting & dancing experience is compulsory. Please make sure you have experience in both ACTING & DANCING. We are going to have a choreographer, who will teach the talent middle-eastern based dance moves. If you already have experience in dancing please attach a show-reel or record a video.

Auditions will be held in June. Full details will be disclosed to short-listed applicants.

Payment details:

Training: $100 for 6 hour practice session with the choreographer. (3 hours a day x 2 days)
Shooting day: $300 a day. Filming will take two days to complete with the talent.

MUA & Costume will be provided.

We are aiming to shoot it in mid or end of July 2016.


Zahra is a complicated character, with a certain irregularity about her. This feeling of anguish she seems to carry for how could she understand this world? She believes the era she was born in to be wrong, As an old soul her connection to the world is very unrealistic. Using magical powers to change the weather, one day it suddenly all goes wrong. Alone now in the desert with nothing but herself, her dance becomes the language of emotion.

Females, aged 18 to 30 from Western Australia, Australia

  • Minimum Height:
    152 cm / 5ft 0in
  • Ethnicity:
    Middle Eastern
  • Acting experience:
    Previous unpaid speaking roles – Previous paid speaking roles
  • Languages:

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