In need of a model who will be available for the 6th of March from 1pm-5pm. On the day i will be doing a full head cast, which i will later use to sculpt on to create a prosthetic piece. During the head cast, the eyes, ears and mouth will be covered, but two holes surrounding the nostrils will be left open so you can breathe. The model will also be required on a separate day to attend for the prosthetic application. The date for this has not yet been announced but once i find out i will be sure to let you know. One thing i know is it will definitely fall on a Sunday. In regards to the head cast, the model must have the following characteristics:

-Must NOT be claustrophobic
-No allergies to latex/pros-aide
-Is reliable and punctual
-Able to sit still during the head cast and prosthetic application
-Comfortable with wearing contact lenses
-Knows how to put on/take off contact lenses
-Feels comfortable with wearing a bald/cap prosthetic mask
-Feels comfortable with not being able to see, hear or speak during
the head cast application

If you’re not sure whether you might be claustrophobic, the best way to describe the head cast is if several people were to place their hands on your head, face, neck, shoulders and chest, so you feel enclosed. During the process, we will make sure to regularly ask if everything is going good. If at any time during the head cast you start to feel uncomfortable, just let us know by signalling a thumbs down and we will make sure to remove the cast asap. If everything is going good just signal a thumbs up. In regards to the duration, the head cast should take no longer than 30-40 mins altogether, combined with the bald cap application.
If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact me and i will provide you with further information in regards to the location and dates for the second application.


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